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Ausable Huron Condominium Campground

Owners Association

Your Board Members

Kim Kieba


Lot # 162

Kate Campbell

Vice President

Lot # 97

Cathy Dewald


Lot # 72

Ann McGowan


Lot # 142

Michele Hojnacki

Assistant Treasurer

Lot #40

Park Manager Phone


*Phone is not used for rental or purchasing inquires

UPDATED 04/21/2022, updates as of this date are marked in white.

WATER: Water in the park is now on for the season.

GARBAGE:  The garbage receptacles are now open.  All garbage must be placed within the receptacle; not around it or in front of it.  As a reminder all larger items and construction debris, must be dispose of off property by the co-owner.

GATE CODE:  The gate code is now in for this season, please refer to your last newsletter for the new code.

WIFI/CABLE:  With the frost beginning to lift, Spectrum has engaged the services of a third party to identify all private and public utilities within the campground to enable the construction team to begin the underground work necessary for the managed wifi system. The date this will begin is to be determined as it is weather based.  Spectrum has received all equipment for the project and the project is moving forward with an implementation date of approximately the first week of May.  As a reminder, when Spectrum splices into the lines in the new pedestals, current cable tv services will be discontinued to transition to the new system. It is anticipated that this transition will not take longer than several days and then activation will occur. Once completed and activated, whatever smart devise (smart phone, smart tv, roku, chrome cast, etc) you have decided upon to use, should be able to be set up with the managed wifi services. All black cable boxes will need to be turned in to receive log-in information. More information on how to activate and how to turn in the cable box will be forthcoming in the near future. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we transition to the new service.  

AED's:  The new AED's are still in the front bathrooms and will be moved to their outside locations once weather permits.

SEWER:  DO NOT place items down your sink or toilet drains, including flushable wipes, baby wipes, grease, etc., doing so causes clogging and makes it more costly to maintain our sewer system. 

SURVEY:  Plotting within the park is completed and some minor adjustments will be made this Spring. Several stakes have been removed, please DO NOT remove any wooden or metal stakes/pins on your property as these are legal markings. Each stake that has been removed will be re-staked and the Association will be charged over and above the original expenses associated with the staking.  Please do not increase the Association's expenses by removing stakes. The Board will remove wooden stakes once all new mapping is documented, recorded and completed.

CURRENT INTERNET / MANAGED WIFI SYSTEM:  Spectrum Managed Wi-Fi / Cable Streaming services

are expected to be operational in the spring of 2022. No upgrading and maintenance is being done to the outdated internet system within the park.  Spectrum's construction team has received details from Consumers on the needed powering for the necessary equipment around the park. This situation is based on how the park is laid out and where power supply needs to tie into the equipment.  In the spring, educational materials how to access the new system will be made available to all co-owners. All black boxes that are used to power the current cable system for every unit MUST be turned in. At that time, co-owners will receive a user name and password to access the new system. Technical help will be available for all co-owners through Spectrum seven days a week.

ANNUAL INSPECTION:  Every fall EGLE visits the park as part of the process to receive a yearly license.

Compliance is essential with maintaining 4 ft. halo's around all structures, appropriate water / electrical line hook-ups, safety chains around propane tanks, and anti-siphon water devices on ALL water spigots. In the January 2022 billings, those that did not have anti-siphon water devices on their water spigots will be charged $10.00 for each device.  Installation of the devices have been completed by the Park Manager.

PET REMINDERS:  This past season there were several complaints concerning pets i.e., lunging, unleashed, unmonitored, pet waste in and about the campground including pet waste in front of the park by the basketball net, etc. Please keep your pets on leashes at all times and clean up after them in EVERY area of the campground. The State of Michigan requires that all animals must be leashed at all times and under the owner's control.  No pets are allowed other than those that are owned by co-owners


Reminders for the Safety and Consideration of All:

- Please be cautious when swimming as boats may not be able to see swimmers. It is

suggested to have a float or other item for visibility if you are a ways away from shore. It is also asked that all boaters stay clear of swimmers and approach the beach/seawall

area slowly and with extreme caution.

- Please clean up after yourself, a lot of garbage has been left along our beach and the

beach to the north. Please be considerate and pick up all items when leaving, such as

water bottles, wrappers, etc.

- NO fireworks or sparklers of any type are allowed anywhere within the park including

the beach area above the seawall.

- NO fires are allowed, except at the marina community firepit or below the metal seawall.

- All dogs must be on leashes within the park, including the beach. Also, be sure to

immediately clean up after your dog including feces and any holes that may be dug.

- Use walkways (no bikes allowed); cutting through lots or between units is not allowed.

Grass Cutting: It is the responsibility of the unit owners to ensure that the areas of grass needing to be cut remain clear of any items which includes, boats trailers, hoses, yarn ornaments, goose/animal deterrents, vehicles, etc. It is not the responsibility of the lawn service to move these items or attempt to weed whip around/beneath them. Also, if you are using another owners unit to park your vehicle, they should be aware and provided approval prior to parking on them and it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is moved so that the lawn cutting service can trim their grass.

Parking: Numerous parking complaints have been brought to the attention of the board and all co-owners need to ensure that they comply with the following parking rules:

  • Each unit must have at least one parking spot that is a minimum of 9' x 18'
  • All vehicles must be at least 2' off the road and 2' from their road side property lines
  • No vehicles can be parked in the road at any time
  • Only ONE vehicle is allowed per unit

These regulations are for the safety of all and those owners who do not comply will receive letters from the board. Please be courteous of other owners and the cost that occurs in sending these letters; along with the time associated with the board who can use the time to focus on more important issues within the park.

Marina: The marina now has a website and is managed by the marina board and this post to our site is to help get the information out as quickly as possible. Please share their website with any marina owners you may know.

Mailing Address: AHCCA, P.O. Box 318, Au Gres, MI 48703