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Ausable Huron Condominium Campground

Owners Association

What You Need To Do As A Co-Owner 

All you need to do is sign into the wifi using your provided password and username.  If you do not have the user name and password, you can find it posted in the bathrooms, clubhouse and on the front office window.  This will give you access to the wifi. Sign in each device you wish to be on the new wifi.

After you sign into the wifi, be sure you have downloaded the "Spectrum TV" app, open the app and you will automatically be signed into the cable. If you are a Spectrum user at another location; such as your home, you will need to log out of the Spectrum TV app before signing into the wifi in order to connect to our Spectrum TV service.

You will need to complete the above for each individual device you choose to use, ie.. smartphone, TV, etc..  

NOTE: Firestick and Firestick TV's are not compatible with Spectrum, as they are licensed through Amazon and you are unable to download the Spectrum TV app.  You can purchase a Roku device and use that on Firestick TV's.

More troubleshooting and install information can be found on the learn more link below or the Q&A document at the bottom of this page.

Learn More

Spectrum TV Set Up Q&A

This Q&A should answer most questions regarding your TV Set Up and required software and/or equipment.  Click the Q&A Document button below to read.

As a reminder, all current black Spectrum boxes must be returned when the new system is activated or a fee of $50 per box will incur.  Be sure to keep your eyes on this website for further updates.

Q & A Document